Experience bliss at a new moon meditation

ST. GEORGE — New Moon is an auspicious time for setting intentions and planting seeds that you want to see come to fruition for this moons phase. Come experience the bliss in this powerful reset and 50 minutes of gong bath.

Everyone is invited to gather for Kirtan Kriya, a powerful mantra that has been formally studied at Harvard University and Yale University by scientists.

The benefits include memory improvement, aided in Alzheimer patients, literally changed DNA by 43%. The ancient yogis knew this 5000 years ago and modern science has uncovered this. It also activates the pituitary gland which is master gland the command center of the glandular system. When the pituitary secretes the amrit nectar which is helpful for those who are struggling with addictions or wanting their pineal gland radiating that yogic frequency for optimal pranic flow and third eye activation.

Are you ready to cultivate intuition, subtlety, refinement and crystal clarity?

This mantra uses the technique of tapping the fingerstips while chanting the mantra “Sa Ta Na Ma”:

Sa means birth Jupiter Finger (index) knowledge
Ta means life Saturn finger (Middle) vitality
Na means death Surya finger (ring) intelligence
Ma means rebirth Mercury (pinky) communication
(Thumb represents ego)

As we tap these fingers we will be activating the planetary system in our hands as well as going thru the entire life cycle activation.

Let’s gather and collectively go thru this cycle of Infinite beginning which comes life and individual existence, from life comes death, and from death comes rebirth of consciousness. From rebirth comes the joy from infinite and compassion leading back to life.

As we chant this mantra together we will shift from individual consciousness into group consciousness and collectively tap into the realm of universal consciousness. Cost is $50 and teas with treats will be provided. Join us at 460 S. Main St., No. 16, St. George. Or call Vedya Ravi Kaur at 760 689 8244 .

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