This is the best mountain bike trail around (hint: if you ride, you’ve been on it)

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FEATURE — There’s this trail…

There’s this trail that is just the best! It rides flowy with just the right amount of technical to keep it interesting, and it’s always a joy ride. Where is this trail? Sorry, I can’t tell you. You will just have to find it for yourself.

I’m sure most mountain bikers know this trail well. They have probably ridden it hundreds of times. In fact, you may have just ridden it, or maybe you’re going to ride it tomorrow after work.

Still want to know the name of this great, all-around happy-making trail? You already know it, because it’s yours! The reason you’d have to find it for yourself is that it’s your go-to trail. You know the one – the one that you can always count on when you need your mountain-bike fix.

A go-to trail can be anything it needs to be, really. Most are probably close to home so that you can sneak in a quick ride when time permits or close to work for a lunchtime or post-work rally on some beautiful, flowy, twisty singletrack.

And by the way, shouldn’t there be a law that allows free time to ride your bike? Just sayin’.

Stock photo courtesy of Jay Bartlett, St. George News

Anyway, go-to trails can be easy and ridden just for fun – because it’s Saturday afternoon and the chores that absolutely had to be done are done and you’re a little burned out anyway but a nice ride would put you right. There’s nothing wrong with that, although some go-tos are there to get the maximum out of your effort.

Let’s say you’re training for an event or a multi-ride-day vacation. Your go-to might be a tough climb followed by enough tricky rock sections to get the old heart and legs pumping hard. A go-to can be any type of trail, and there are no rules that say you can’t have several go-tos, depending on your needs at the time.

Go-tos don’t necessarily have to be close by. Sometimes, when life gets to be a little too much or you’re caught in the doldrums, a distant trail can be just the reset your brain requires. There is a sweet 20-mile loop in the Mag Seven trail system in Moab that gets me longing for it pretty much yearly. It’s a loop that not only works me in that splendid way that leaves me tired, very satisfied and feeling accomplished but is so overwhelmingly beautiful that my brain (and attitude) has no choice but to relax. No doubt, if I ever move to Moab, this trail will become a more frequent go-to.

Stock photo courtesy of Jay Bartlett, St. George News

So there’s this trail.

You know the one, the one that makes you work and makes you sweat. It’s the one that makes you smile. It’s right over there. You’ve ridden it maybe hundreds of times. You know its corners, its climbs, its drops like the back of your hand, but still you’re stoked to do it again. And even if you’re not that stoked at the start, you’re always glad you did it at the end. It’s your go-to, and it’s probably high time you gave it another visit!

Written by JAY BARTLETT of Bicycles Unlimited.

This article was first published in the May/June 2021 issue of St. George Health and Wellness magazine.

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