There’s no better time to switch to healthier water; St. George Water Store can help

CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — Is the water you’re drinking slowly creating harmful effects on your overall health and wellness? Jocco Roberts, owner of St. George Water Store, says it could be – and that’s why he’s committed to providing Southern Utah with what he regards as the healthiest water available within 500 miles.

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For the past seven years, St. George Water Store has been providing residents of Washington, Iron and Kane counties – as well as Mesquite, Nevada – with natural alkaline spring water bottled from the source near Zion National Park. The store has a route delivery service to over 1,400 customers, as well as a brick and mortar location in St. George where people can purchase water directly.

However, even though Roberts believes in the product and its health benefits, the business isn’t something he originally planned on doing.

We actually fell into it,” said Roberts, who owns the business with his wife. “I had no idea I would be selling water.”

Like many of the clients who come to St. George Water Store, Roberts’ journey began when he started researching the health benefits of drinking alkaline water and, perhaps more importantly, the possible health detriments of not drinking it. He had been self-filling at the spring near Zion before he learned about the bottling plant, which he ultimately took over from its previous owners and now operates.

Roberts said most water and water-based products that people drink and use have two very common problems. First, the water is very acidic. Second, the water has been damaged. Before it gets to the consumer, water has traveled through pipes, filtration devices and various systems. During these travels, it has been stripped of electrons, resulting in water that’s positively ionized.

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Alkaline drinking water can help people with higher acidity in their body by bringing their pH levels into balance, neutralizing the acid and causing them to feel better overall. Roberts said it can also help increase hydration, act as an antioxidant and aid with purifying waste, among other benefits.

Even people who use reverse osmosis water purification systems could be causing mineral deficiencies and increasing their risk for bone loss later in life, he said, adding that the quality of water people drink and use is just as important as the type of food they eat. Additionally, many nutritionists believe that most disease will not grow in an alkaline environment.

St. George Water Store provides a variety of alkaline water products for both commercial and residential use. They have delivery trucks running every day to deliver healthy water throughout Southern Utah.

Unlike other direct water delivery services, St. George Water Store doesn’t lock people into contracts or charge service or bottling fees, and they won’t tack on any energy surcharges. Customers are only charged for the water and sales tax.

“There are no obligations – just clean, safe, healthy alkaline drinking water,” he said, adding that there’s no better time to switch from an unhealthy water source than now.

Written by HOLLIE REINA for St. George News.

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