St. George Water Store offers a healthier drinking option directly from mountain springs

CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — If you’re searching for an alternative to tap water, let St. George Water Store introduce you to artesian alkaline spring water from the picturesque mountains near Zion National Park. 

For the past seven years, St. George Water Store has been committed to providing southwest Utah with access to pure alkaline spring water bottled directly from its source in Hildale. 

“It’s the best-tasting water anywhere,” owner Jocco Roberts said.

Roberts told St. George News that while his company’s water source originates from the same aquifer as the springs that feed Maxwell Park, St. George Water Store uses a separate tanking system from Jan’s Canyon.  

“St. George Water Store is the licensed water bottling company in Hildale,” he said. “We purchase our water directly from the city of Hildale.”

He said when the water comes into their building, it has seen neither air nor light.

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“Our systems are state-of-the-art. We don’t just get a hose and stick it in a truck.”

Describing his company’s self-contained automated bottling method, Roberts told St. George News that the water is processed through three separate particle filters to ensure it contains no sediment. This is followed by two commercial ultraviolet light filters to eliminate any risk of bacterial contamination. 

Roberts said when people try their alkaline spring water, “they generally will not go back to machine or tap water.”

Health awareness, as well as taste preference, drive customers to switch to naturally alkaline spring water. Roberts cited a 2005 study by the World Health Organization that identified health risks related to demineralizing water filtration techniques, including reverse osmosis. He emphasized the importance of alkaline balance for hydration and overall wellness, adding that consumption of too few of the minerals found in drinking water can lead to long-term bone loss. 

Hildale’s aquifer is the only source of naturally alkaline spring water within 500 miles, Roberts said, flowing out of the mountains with an ideal pH of 7.8 and roughly 70 milligrams per liter of total dissolved solids. According to the Safe Drinking Water Foundation, the recommended guideline for total dissolved solids in the United States and Canada is no more than 500 milligrams per liter; water with a measurement in the low hundreds or less is considered excellent quality. 

Unlike most drinking water, naturally alkaline water is believed to neutralize acidity in the body. Furthermore, according to St. George Water Store’s website, many nutritionists believe that disease is far less likely to grow in an alkaline environment

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After 35 years in the beauty industry, Roberts said he was looking for a new business opportunity in the wake of the Great Recession. He and his wife, who co-owns the store, moved to St. George from Costa Rica with their two small children to raise and educate them in the United States. The family used to fill bottles at Maxwell Park before an opportunity to gain access to Hildale’s water bottling facility became available.

Today, St. George Water Store serves thousands of customers, both residential and commercial, from St. George to Mesquite, Cedar City to Kanab. Self-fill and pickup services are also available at their brick-and-mortar location just north of Sunset Boulevard. Customers are not obligated to sign a contract or pay service, delivery fees or energy surcharges, Roberts said – just the cost of the water and sales tax.

“We structured the business to provide the highest quality water with the best price in the marketplace and the best service,” he said. “And that’s why we’ve grown as fast as we have.” 

Written by ALEXA MORGAN for St. George News.

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