fit20 offers a revolutionary workout approach to look and feel younger in just 20 minutes a week

A personal training session at fit20, location and date not specified | Photo courtesy of fit20, St. George News

CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — Do you find yourself wishing you could feel younger and enjoy life with less aches and pains? fit20 Dixie Commons, the newest workout option in St. George, promises proven results while asking for just 20 minutes per week of your time.

“fit20 offers a personalized training experience you won’t find anywhere else,” owner Sybrina Ely said.

fit20 members meet once weekly with a personal trainer for a slow-motion, high-intensity strength training session to ensure a safe and effective workout experience. The 20-minute sessions are conducted in the privacy of a small studio with one-on-one attention from a friendly and knowledgeable fitness professional.

Workouts are designed to accommodate busy schedules and meet personalized physical and training requirements. A circuit of specialized resistance training machines are used to create a full-body workout, boosting energy and vitality.

Turning back time

Aging is often associated with loss of muscle mass and strength. For most people, deterioration starts after age 40 and continues at a rate of about 1% strength loss per year. Resistance training can help rebuild muscle to slow the aging process. 

A personal training session at fit20, location and date not specified | Photo courtesy of fit20, St. George News

fit20 helps older adults gain strength gradually and safely. Ely said one of their members, a woman in her 60s, has recorded a 45% increase in leg strength over just 20 weekly sessions. Many others are enjoying reduced pain and inflammation in their joints along with more mental clarity. 

“We have a scientifically backed program that tracks your progress weekly in a database so we can see how your strength is increasing over time,” she said. “The majority of our members see a dramatic improvement within the first three months.” 

Look and feel younger

Hormones play a fundamental role in health and wellness by acting as messengers that travel through the bloodstream, relaying commands to various organs and systems. Because of sedentary lifestyles, aging, stress and environmental factors, it’s not uncommon for hormones to fall out of balance. 

Ely said studies have shown that during intense training like fit20, muscles send out hormones that contribute to a cascade of physical benefits, among them the stimulation of bone health. Additionally, the stress that resistance training places on bones triggers a growth response in the bone cells.

The fit20 workout approach is slow yet intense, which activates small stabilizing muscles close to the joints. Ely said that with consistent training, these muscles will become stronger and more effective. When joints are better supported by the surrounding muscles, minor aches and pains that originate from these joints go away or are significantly reduced.

Come as you are

At fit20, there’s no need to change into workout clothes or shower before a session due to the climate-controlled environment. The studio is kept at a comfortable 63 degrees, offering a welcome break from the summer heat. 

Ely said members can wear the clothes they wear to work everyday and still have enough mobility to complete the circuit of strength training exercises. Through slow-motion, high-intensity movements, fit20 offers an effective workout without breaking a sweat. 

A personal training session at fit20, location and date not specified | Photo courtesy of fit20, St. George News

“Our program doesn’t trigger the hormone response in your body that produces perspiration,” she added. “We don’t ever take you to that point of exertion.” 

Consistency is key

Many people find it difficult to stick with a fitness plan, which Ely noted is one of the main reasons Americans over 40 aren’t working out enough. When it comes to exercise, consistency drives results more than any other variable. Keeping a schedule is key to achieve and maintain benefits, whether they’re looking to build muscle tone, reduce aches and pains or start a new wellness routine.

fit20 members meet with the same fitness professional at the same time every week to work through a series of six familiar exercises. Together with their trainer, they’ll monitor their breathing, posture and rhythm and record their performance to track progress and set new benchmarks. 

“Everybody can find 20 minutes a week in their busy calendar to devote to health and exercise,” Ely said. “If you’re willing to commit to us, we’re willing to commit to you.”

At fit20, the first session is always free. Try out the equipment and meet with a personal trainer to discuss goals and past roadblocks.

Visit the fit20 Dixie Commons website to sign up for your free introductory training session.

Written by ALEXA MORGAN for St. George News.

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