‘It fits the lifestyle of so many’: Orthodontics Inc. creates designer smiles for busy adults

CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — Designer smiles start at Orthodontics Inc., with a state-of-the-art treatment center offering the latest technology available in short-term orthodontic solutions. Patients can experience results lasting a lifetime in just a few months. 

Dr. Joseph Wilson, owner of Orthodontics Inc., is dedicated to bringing out the best in every smile. After opening clinics in surrounding states, he brought his vast orthodontic experience back to his native Southern Utah. 

Wilson has successfully treated more than 16,000 patients over the last 10 years, most of them adults seeking orthodontics that fit their busy lifestyles. His signature look is a stylish, broad “Hollywood” smile sure to turn heads anywhere. 

“I like to create youthful, vibrant smiles,” he said. “This sets us apart.”

Along these lines, Wilson offered several tips to those who are interested in the best way to bring their smile back in line.

When is the perfect time to get braces?  

Wilson said he’s often asked this question by parents, not only for their kids but for themselves as well. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that kids see an orthodontist by age 7 to check for abnormal alignments and other problems that may damage teeth if not treated.

A patient at Orthodontics Inc., St. George, Utah, May 21, 2020 | Photo by Jake Albrecht courtesy of Orthodontics, Inc., St. George News

If braces are necessary, he will begin treatment as soon as all of their baby teeth have fallen out, typically around 10-12 years old.   

For adults, any time is a good time to get braces – and there’s no time like the present. Wilson said a person’s smile is their first impression – it reflects how they’re feeling and how they see themselves, and it can influence the way other people view them. Everything revolves around the teeth. 

“It’s a confidence booster for kids and adults,” he said. “A straight, perfect smile early on opens up a lot of avenues in life.”  

Avoiding extraction with technology

Wilson said that when he had braces as a kid, the only way to fix a crooked smile was to extract one or more teeth in order to make room for the others to line up correctly, but orthodontic technology has advanced rapidly over the years. While extraction is sometimes inevitable, he views it as a last resort and strives to avoid the narrow smile that ultimately results from the removal of teeth. 

“Now, there are high-tech brackets and wires,” he said. “There are other things you can do. We use technology to line up the teeth and widen the upper jaw to make room for teeth.” 

Short-term solutions for busy people

Wilson said adults often shy away from orthodontic treatment because it’s too much of a commitment, but with cutting-edge options in Clear Braces and Invisalign, Orthodontics Inc. provides lasting results in far less time than traditional methods.

Orthodontics Inc. clinic in St. George, Utah, May 21, 2020 | Photo by Jake Albrecht courtesy of Orthodontics, Inc., St. George News

Many patients choose to include short-term orthodontics in their plans for a wedding, graduation, family trip or other significant life event.

Invisalign Express is a great option for adults who previously wore braces and now have a few teeth that are crowding or moving out of alignment. Wilson said most patients experience dramatic improvement after just three or four months. Invisalign products are removable, discreet and comfortable. 

“It’s a great tool and technology that we have,” he said. “It fits the lifestyle of so many people.”  

Consultations from the comfort of home 

Orthodontics Inc. now offers virtual consultations. Wilson looks at a patient’s teeth via video chat to determine what options are available to them and how much treatment may cost. He said that the convenience of conducting the initial appointment online is perfect for busy parents and professionals. 

“We can meet them where they’re at,” he added.  

More than a decade of experience and thousands of satisfied patients enable Wilson to look beyond the existing flaws in a smile to a perfect end result. He said that by taking into account each person’s facial structure, he can mentally rearrange their teeth to create a vision of exactly what he wants to accomplish.

“I set the teeth up in a specific way that’s unique for every individual,” he said. “I can walk down the street and know if that’s my signature smile.”

To schedule a consultation with the “neon dream team” at Orthodontics Inc., call 435-688-7711.

Written by ALEXA MORGAN for St. George News.

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