What can 20 minutes do for you? Discover fit20, a revolutionary approach to fitness

A personal training session at fit20, location and date not specified | Photo courtesy of fit20, St. George News

CONTRIBUTED CONTENT — Discover a revolutionary approach to fitness at fit20 Dixie Commons, the newest workout option in St. George. 

A personal training session at fit20, location and date not specified | Photo courtesy of fit20, St. George News

fit20 members meet once every week with a personal trainer for a slow-motion, high-intensity strength training session to ensure a safe and effective workout experience. The 20-minute sessions are conducted in the privacy of a small studio with one-on-one attention from a friendly and knowledgeable fitness professional. 

“You have somebody there that’s going to get you motivated,” fit20 Dixie Commons owner Sybrina Ely said. “They’re going to keep you on track to reach the goals you’ve been trying to reach.” 

At fit20, members concentrate on their health and fitness in a focused time frame. Workouts are designed to accommodate busy schedules and meet personalized physical and training requirements. So what can 20 minutes a week do for you? Ely says it can help prevent arthritis, reduce aches and pains, restore youthful vitality and boost your immune system. 

Arthritis prevention 

fit20 training makes bones stronger and healthier, Ely said. The stress that resistance training places on bones triggers a growth response in the bone cells.

However, Ely said it’s not a purely mechanical process. Studies have shown that during intense training like fit20, muscles send out hormones that contribute to a cascade of physical benefits, among them the stimulation of bone health. 

Reducing aches and pains

The fit20 workout approach is slow yet intense, which activates smaller stabilizing muscles close to the joints. Ely said that with consistency, these muscles will become stronger and more effective. When joints are better supported by the surrounding muscles, minor aches and pains that originate from these joints disappear or are significantly reduced. 

fit20 studios feature specialized strength training machines with a smart tracking system that monitors the amount of weight being used, the user’s range of movement and how quickly they can use the equipment. Combined with the guidance of a skilled personal trainer, Ely said members are able to obtain a more effective workout with less risk of injury. 

Restoring youthful vitality

Ely said research demonstrates that growth hormone levels increase as a result of high-intensity resistance training like fit20. This hormone is also called the “youth hormone” because it helps repair, regenerate and rejuvenate body tissues. Growth hormone is plentiful in younger adults, but the levels decrease naturally over time. 

Ely said that growth hormone also enables the brain to work faster and more efficiently. Furthermore, it activates an enzyme called telomerase, which keeps DNA intact, another anti-aging benefit. 

A boost to the immune system

Training with focus and intention does more than build up strength and endurance – it can also supercharge the immune system. Ely said that during a fit20 session, the muscles send out messenger molecules that enhance health elsewhere in the body. 

The new fit20 Dixie Commons studio in St. George, Utah, date not specified | Photo courtesy of fit20, St. George News

One of the most important impacts these messengers have on overall wellness is an anti-inflammatory effect, Ely said. With less inflammation in the body, the immune system can work more effectively to ward off all sorts of attacks on your health, including those produced by viruses.

fit20 members meet with the same trainer at the same time every week to work through a series of six familiar exercises. Together, you’ll monitor your breathing, posture and rhythm and record your performance to help improve your fitness and strength. Consistency promotes accountability, Ely said, and reinforces positive habits. 

“We have a scientifically backed program that tracks your progress weekly in a database so we can see how your strength is increasing over time,” she said. “The majority of our members see a dramatic improvement within the first three months.”  

At fit20, the first session is always free. Try out the equipment and meet with a personal trainer to discuss goals and past roadblocks.

Visit the fit20 Dixie Commons website to sign up for your free introductory training session.

Written by ALEXA MORGAN for St. George News.

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