Allen seeks political reform back to government basics

CEDAR CITY – Fighting for family values and states’ rights are at the top of the list for write-in candidate Linda Allen who is seeking an opportunity to speak on behalf of Southern Utah residents in District 72.

Allen said she was asked to run by a dear friend, because she has a strong belief in right and wrong, and truth and error. Her strong sense of conviction comes from a firm belief that all people will be held accountable for their choices, and that we were brought into this world to have freedom, she said.

Allen said she has seen many erosions of freedom in the U.S. in her lifetime. One of the most disheartening losses, she said, has been that of a solid education that includes a high school civics class worthy of molding the future young leaders of our nation.

“Nothing is happening in Washington – or even in the states – that was close to what I was taught that the government used to be,” she said. “I think the states have decided that money is more important than principle and sovereignty.”

Allen said she believes each state is a sovereign nation unto itself, and that they are not beholden to the federal government, but rather the federal government was beholden to each state. The federal government has forgotten that its purpose it to govern over interstate commerce, she said, and not to manage states as though they have an authoritative position over the states and states’ rights.

Lately, Allen said, she has been disappointed to see the states have been selling out to the federal government for monies that help purchase “wants versus needs.”

The states have come to a place where they are happy to take citizens hard-earned money to fund other pet projects, and it has to stop, she said.

Things like stop signs, traffic lights, and driver’s licenses were designed to build revenue and thereby unconstitutional, because anything that is used as leverage to control the people was against the Constitution, Allen said.

“It’s a revenue,” she said. “It’s not a matter of if it makes me a better driver, it’s a way for the states to get revenue and control the people.”

Allen said that as a representative for District 72, she will work to meet the needs of her constituents in whatever way she could.

One of the most important items her checklist includes working harder to remove the government from parenting, she said. Instead of tearing families apart that are in trouble, Allen said she believes the social services departments should be working harder to keep families together and offer council and support for a more positive future.

They do more to tear families apart than they do to build them up,” Allen said. “And I think that our families are the heart and soul of our country.”

A mother of nine with nine grandchildren, Allen said family values a deep sense of spirit drive her pursuit to become a voice for the people of Southern Utah.

Should she be elected, Allen said she would work hard to help preserve families by building programs that would teach better parenting skills, and coping skills.

Allen runs against incumbent Republican Rep. John Westwood and Libertarian Barry Short.

Early voting began on Oct. 21 and runs through Oct. 31. The General election is Nov. 4.

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  • My Evil Twin October 24, 2014 at 12:52 pm

    Everybody wants “REFORM” until they are elected. . .

  • Simone October 24, 2014 at 8:16 pm

    Im glad im not in district 72. Im glad i dont live 72 because if this crazy sounding tea partier gets elected residents in her district will pay. Unfortunately for her she is campaigning in an area where she will more then likely lose. Fortunately for me, she is not in st george where she might actually stand a chance at winning.

  • Koolaid October 24, 2014 at 11:07 pm

    What is “Fighting for family values” supposed to mean? Most likely it means forcing your religious views on everyone and everywhere and in every aspect of others’ lives. Keep your goofy religious views to yourself. Quit trying to fool everyone with your “family values” drivel. Simone has it right with the crazy tea party comments.

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