Letter from Brock Belnap to Republican friends, voters; Republican for Washington County Attorney

OPINION LETTER – This is County Attorney Brock Belnap. This Tuesday is Election Day and I ask for your vote. Because of my experience and passion, I am the best candidate to fight the critical legal battles facing Washington County.

Every single day my team and I face crimes of horrific dimensions and heart-wrenching consequences. We prosecute homicides and sex abuse cases. We fight to protect people from identity theft and fraud. Many of our worst cases are tied to drug abuse.

We hold the perpetrators of these crimes accountable under the law, stand up for victims, and work to put in practice innovative responses to problems like drug abuse. I’m the chairman of the Drug Task Force and helped create the Drug Court here in Washington County. These programs are designed to stop crime in its initial stages and hinder some of the motivating forces: money and addiction.  Together with the law enforcement agencies in the county, we are winning the fight against crime.

Because of my leadership in the prosecution of crime, I am endorsed by the Sheriff, Chiefs of Police and advocates for victims. Their support matters because they work with me and know that I fight for what is right.

Providing accurate and timely legal advice to eight elected county officials and twelve major department heads is a critical aspect of the county attorney’s job. The county is a complex organization with many urgent legal issues. On a daily basis I help my team address issues that arise in a variety of areas from defending county actions before administrative agencies, to preventing the federal government from declaring dry washes in the county as “waters of the United States.”

I’m also leading the legal battle in Washington County to preserve your right to enjoy thousands of acres of federal land through access to our back country roads. The magnitude of these issues requires the advice, counsel and advocacy of an experienced county attorney.

For twenty-two years I’ve worked my way up through the trenches, learning how to successfully win legal fights and protect our constitutional rights. When I became county attorney, I had 10 years of experience–5 in private practice and 5 in the County Attorney’s Office–working with legal issues of the same nature as those I work with today. Developing expertise in any area of law takes more than an education–it takes experience. I have dedicated my work as an attorney to acquiring expertise that specifically benefits our county.

I am the candidate with real-world experience fighting for local control and the preservation of our constitutional rights.  The popularly elected officials I work with everyday endorse me and ask you to support my reelection because it is so important to our pending legal battles. They know now is not the time for on-the-job training.

The County Attorney’s Office is the largest law firm in town. I oversee twenty-six busy employees and thousands of criminal and civil cases. I do it effectively and efficiently, and within budget every year. You can be proud of the skill and dedication of the professionals who work for you. I’m humbled that the entire legal team has endorsed my re-election because they respect my leadership and experience.

I am a skilled attorney with a passion for preserving what’s great about our beautiful county. Each and every day I uphold the Constitution and fight to protect our county from the effects of crime. My track record proves the value of my legal expertise.

When you cast your vote, please think about all the critical legal battles facing our county. Then, ask yourself, doesn’t our county need a legal expert with real experience leading the fight?

Please join me as we work to preserve the traditions and values that make Washington County great. Vote proven experience. Vote Brock Belnap on Tuesday, June 24.


Brock Belnap

This opinion letter is submitted by the Brock Belnap Campaign

The opinions stated in this article are those of the writer and not representative of St. George News.


To learn more about Brock Belnap and his priorities, visit

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  • Bree June 23, 2014 at 8:37 am

    Great! I have 2 choices to make and both are Republicans. Yippee! (sarcasm)

    • St. George Resident June 23, 2014 at 9:19 am

      The challenger is a Teahadist Republican. You can still choose the lesser of the two evils.

    • Bender June 23, 2014 at 9:51 am

      You don’t get to vote in this election unless you are a registered republican Bree. I believe that changes next year when primaries become open to all voters.

  • Jon R. Cocktoasten June 23, 2014 at 10:32 am

    Brock has my vote!!! He has run a clean and fair campaign. It’s too bad he doesn’t have some “political chips” to cash in. lol I know he’s too honest for that. Interesting to see how this campaign has turned out… …* Can they just cash in some political chips and things will go away. I’m NOT willing to see! Therefore, I will vote for Brock Belnap.
    Ed. ellipsis – Mr. JRC, upon our inquiry the statement removed by ellipsis has not borne out regarding Mr. Belnap’s opponent. – Joyce Kuzmanic, Editor in Chief

  • Doug Brewer June 23, 2014 at 1:32 pm

    I wish I could vote for Brock Belnap. I apologize for sticking my nose in someone else’s business. I love southern Utah and spend a good deal of time in St. George and in the surrounding areas with family and friends. But, admittedly, I live in Salt Lake County and so I have no real vested interest in the Washington County Attorney election. However, I just spent a week in St. George and I couldn’t help but notice the unusual amount of campaigning and discussion in the media about what would normally be a fairly quiet primary election.

    On one level it is refreshing and encouraging to see such vigorous public discourse on a local political race. The County Attorney’s office, after all, can have a very real impact on the daily life of the average county citizen. But on another level I am seriously wondering why there is even a question as to which of the candidates would make a better County Attorney. It seems abundantly obvious to me that Mr. Belnap is far more qualified for the job. I am an attorney practicing in Salt Lake and Davis Counties. Clients sometimes come to me with problems that I must refer to another attorney because the issues require expertise outside of my experience. I would never refer a client to an attorney who has been in practice for three years (as is the case with Mr. Caplin), when I could refer that client to someone who has 22 years of practice experience and has proven himself for over a decade in the very role that my client needs (as is the case with Mr. Belnap).

    It seems obvious that Mr. Belnap is a great asset to Washington County, and swapping his experience and expertise for an untried and inexperienced candidate would be a tremendous waste of a valuable resource. I wish I could put an exclamation point on my comments by stating that I am marching to the polls to vote for Mr. Belnap, but of course I am not allowed as a nonresident. But I trust that the good, thinking people of Washington County will make what is clearly the best choice – Re-Elect Brock Belnap.

  • bishpoul October 10, 2014 at 3:21 pm

    We need to have the Attorney General investigate the Washington county assessor’s office. They have become a Police State all by themselves.

  • bishpoul October 15, 2014 at 4:29 pm

    We need a County Attorney that will hold accountable the Washington County, Assessor’ Office. They have bullied the public for too long. Threats and name
    calling are their watch words. We need to restore trust in local government.

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