Perspectives: Talk radio’s Kate Dalley dials in the hot topics

OPINION – Sometimes talk is overrated. This, coming from one whose job five-days a week is to talk – on radio, on hot topics, with sometimes hot-headed reactions. Today, I dial it in without regard to political correctness. These are my “perspectives” on the topics of the week.

Obamacare. Our president who smokes and our Surgeon General who is overweight care so much about our health that they urged Congress to pass a healthcare bill that they never actually read, and soon we will be forced to pay for healthcare hardly anybody wanted. Thank you … said nobody, ever.

Benghazi. We endeavor to save the lives of millions of people in foreign countries from evil dictators, but the President of the United States could not coordinate one single effort to save four American lives as they cried out for help. Despicable.

Lake Powell Pipeline. We may want to offer something “a little stronger than water” for this highly anticipated “dance-free growth party.” Maybe a competitive job market would entice enough people to move here and pitch in for all those pipes.

Utah food tax hike. We have over 200 million in tax dollars stored in a rainy day fund yet state politicians want to double the tax on food. Just because they CAN tax our citizens, doesn’t mean they SHOULD.

Fiscal Cliff. Note to government: Do not give us a tax break unless it’s permanent. Temporary tax cuts make you popular and electable but someone has to pay for your popularity and we know it won’t be you. Make the rich pay for what you want since everybody already hates them.

Gen. David Petraeus Sex Scandal. Nobody cares as much as the media does whom Petraeus had an affair with and how many emails it took to do it. Although, speaking of huge smoke screens that distract us from real scandals, did the young biographer/mistress ever realize that underneath that brass-adorned general’s uniform there was an old, not-so-attractive, tiny little white guy?

Avenue H. Utah’s answer to mandated healthcare. But, the government thought the name “Utah Exchange” sounded too “government-like” and changed it to “Avenue H.” Now I’m super duper excited that I get to buy my insurance from a magical place like Sesame Street. “Sunny days, everything’s A-OK” on Avenue H.

Sen. Hatch. We feel reassured and more confident when we re-elect career politicians with seniority and clout, and then they use all that seniority and clout to give us 16 trillion dollars in debt and a broken system.  Hatch promised that after 36 years he is really ready to show us what he’s got in the next six-year term. I’m on the edge of my seat with anticipation.

Secession. Going from total dependency to complete separation seems a little extreme; maybe the states need to start with a 12-step program that involves nullification before they go cold turkey.  It works for addicts.

Politicians. We love to re-elect politicians that can prove how busy they were during their term by passing huge numbers of new bills and regulations; the very same bills and regulations that we end up complaining about and want thrown out.

Romney. Advocating a work ethic, a budget and sacrifice, apparently does not get you elected in the United States. Sadly, it would have worked 30 years ago, when the majority of Americans didn’t feel like he was speaking a foreign language.

Ron Paul. The Paul Revere of our time, warning us of impending doom as he cries out in the middle of the night, “the British are coming.” The sad reality is that most Americans just wish that he would hurry up and ride through town quickly, so they can get back to sleep.

George W. Bush. The scapegoat. He is quietly taking the blame for 8 years of his own presidency and is also apparently to blame for Obama’s presidency too. We might as well throw in President Clinton’s two terms while we are at it; but we can’t, charm and swagger are the get-out-of-jail-free card.

Obama. At the end of King Obama’s reign, all 300 million of us will be standing in lines together for free crappy cell phones and food stamps. But if the phones actually do work, I’m sure we will be so glad that we gave him the benefit of the doubt back in 2012.

The election. Without the presidential beauty pageant every four years, we wouldn’t know who wishes for world peace or who appears more confident on stage.

Kate Dalley is a news commentator and co-host of the Perspectives morning show on Fox News 1450 AM 93.1 FM. The opinions stated in this article are hers and not representative of St. George News.

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