Review: ‘The Avengers’ gift wraps the superheroes

MOVIE REVIEW – Four years ago, Marvel set into motion a series of movies that would eventually lead to something greater. Though a great number of the general audience wasn’t aware of it, many viewers and a large number of fan boys knew it. It all started with 2008’s smash hit “Iron Man.” Now four years and five movies later, “The Avengers” is gift wrapped to fans of the comic book culture who have patiently been teased for four years.

For those of you who aren’t following me, let me break it down quickly. The Avengers is a team of superheroes comprised of Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor, Hawkeye, and Captain America. All of whom, for the past four years, have had their own movies (with the exception of Hawkeye, who only made a cameo in “Thor”). These movies were made to give background on each comic book hero to prepare the general audience for this cinematic spectacular.

The first act of the movie does a phenomenal job of setting up a catalyst for the story, while introducing our star studded cast into the mix. From there this film grabs you tightly, but doesn’t drag you through. Rather, it positions you firmly on the edge of your seat and uses fantastic filmmaking to prop your eyes open.

The chemistry between the characters in “The Avengers” is something unparalleled in comic book movies. It’s a hard task to connect the audience on an intimate level with characters that come from comic books. “The Avengers” has overcome that task by allowing vulnerability to be brought out in each character, and making the stakes very real and personal. I should also mention that the entire movie is laced with humor that, by itself, is better than most comedies that have been released this year.

Director Joss Whedon has graced us with two hours of eye candy with compelling imagery and magnificent camera work. The cinematography makes it easy for the audience to follow what is happening in the movie, even in the most complex action sequences. The movie is infused with jaw-dropping special effects that don’t wash out the story or distract you from what is happening.

It is really hard to say anything bad about The Avengers, except for the fact that it relies heavily on the assumption that all viewers have seen every movie leading up to it.  Though it is recommended that you see each of the films leading up to this one (and make sure you ALWAYS stay after the credits for extra teasers), there is no doubt that it will entertain viewers from any reach of comic book knowledge. Joss Whedon delivers an screen shattering grand slam to kick of the summer movie season, in Marvel’s best movie to date.

The DeLaCruz Designation: A+

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