Keith Dunn pleads guilty of abusing grandmother, awaits sentencing

elderly abuse
Keith Brian Dunn

ST. GEORGE – Keith Dunn pled guilty to abusing his grandfather in a hearing on Monday.

Dunn was arrested in July after his grandmother went to Dixie Regional Medical Center. Medical staff found the elderly woman’s injuries to be suspicious and contacted the authorities.

Deputy County Attorney Ryan Shaum said that the maximum sentence a person could receive for abuse of an elderly individual was up to five years. He did not mention if a plea deal had been made in the Dunn case.

Dunn’s next court appearance will be Nov. 15 for sentencing.

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  • Firefly October 5, 2011 at 9:25 am

    Abuse of children is pretty sick….but grandmas??? This individual is going to find out some real world justice once he hits the general population yard. If only Purgatory Correctional Facility would give me 3 minutes with this scumbag before they send him to state….I can’t believe it…really…..grandma?????

    • k dunn February 2, 2013 at 8:40 pm

      yes abuse of any kind whether it be verbal,physical,or sexual is apalling!!! but it seems to me that you are guilty of abusing the power of being judge, jury and executioner!!!…They didn’t bother to tell you that my grandma had alzheimers/dementia,and in advanced stages,they did’nt bother to tell you she was taking 21 pills a day ranging from narcotics to tranquilizers to other junk just to keep her in her own home. .which is how i got “elected to do the task”…they also did not bother to tell you she was running around naked in her “garments”,through the neighborhood..they also did not bother to tell you that she had been hospitilized a dozen or more times for falls, breaking her legs,bruises,and the bishop of my ward did can and has testified to and for that in my behalf after this,NIGHTMARE!!..they also did not bother to tell you that when i got locked up,she was DEAD,2 weeks later after going into KOLOB CARE CENTER,for doing the same things under 24 HOUR PROFESSIONAL CARE!!!![that she was doing in her own home]..before you want to pass judgement, at least know your biology!! “fireflies are of the species “LAMPYRIDAE”..or LIGHTNING BUGS AS WE IN THE REST OF THE WORLD CALL THEM!!!..Oh, yeah, thats also why i got no fine or prison time because the JUDGE had enough sense to know this DID NOT OCCUR!!!…and all the people in my ward knows better as well!!!.so before you call me a “SCUMBAG” you had best know what you are talking about first, and then at least have the intelligence to know what the true meaning of that word is!!! Try not to ruin someones life before you know the FACTS!!..I hope the police and the procecutors who did and brought this crap on have a WONDERFUL POLITICAL CAREERS!!!!…sorry to be bitter but my life is now ruined on that premise!!..i hope you have better things to do on the internet but talk junk…and truthfully,i wishn you no hatred or harm, just trying to inform you of what is real…thanks….and may god bless you….

      • ken February 3, 2013 at 10:38 am

        So why plead guilty if you didn’t abuse her?

  • k dunn February 2, 2013 at 10:01 pm

    oh by the way, there was nothing financial to gain by “allegedly” hurting my g-ma!!!..the person who had power of attorney was her daughter!!…MY MOM!!…and all the bills and expenditures wre taken care of by her…She is also a health care official for 20 plus years now!!!…it’s amazing how you are so big and strong word wise you are….you dont need purgatory to help you….you know where i am at, cause you obviously got nothing better to do but look out for gossip….as i said may the lord bless you…ican’t believe it!!…really???……MORONS… temprature IQ!!!!….

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