What to do with those useless CD-R discs

A little practical humor today. Everyone that has burned CD-R discs has had a few that did not burn right, rendering them useless for use on your computer. Courtesy of Andy McFadden http://www.fadden.com here are some ideas what to do with them.

What can I do with CD-R discs that failed during writing?

They aren’t useless. Here are a few ideas:

  • Fill in the center hole to avoid leaks, and use them as drink coasters.
  • Create a hanging ornament (suitable for holiday decorations) or wind chime. The latter isn’t all that interesting – they just sort of “clack” a little – unless you use the discs to catch the wind and something else to make the chimes.
  • Use them as mini-frisbees in an office with cubes. Since they’re rather solid and may hurt when they hit, you should await a formal declaration of intra-office war before opening up with these.
  • Have CD bowling tournaments where you see how far you can roll one down a narrow hallway. You’d be surprised at how hard it can be unless you get the wrist motion just right.
  • Put them under a table or chair whose legs don’t quite sit right.
  • Run them through one of those industrial-strength paper shredders (the kind with the rapidly spinning wheels) to get shiny green or gold confetti.
  • Make really, really big earrings.
  • Try to convince people at the beach that it’s a shell from a new species of abalone.
  • Hook them into your bicycle spokes as reflectors.
  • Use them as wheels on a toy car. (If you have a buggy CD-R burner, you’re probably stocked for a toy 18-wheeler.)
  • Build a suit of “CD-R chain mail” for laser-tag games.
  • Use them as art-deco floor or ceiling tiles.
  • Hang them from the rear view mirror in your car.
  • Cut it into a jigsaw puzzle with a small wire saw.
  • Try out the “helpful CD repair” suggestions that periodically crop on the newsgroup. Like the ones that suggest using acetone and sandpaper to refinish a scratched CD-R.
  • Hang them in your car windows. Some people believe that CDs will defeat speed guns and automated speed traps that use flash photography.
  • Add them to your aquarium.
  • Use them as dart boards or BB-gun targets. If you “miss” the hole in the middle, the error is immediately obvious.
  • String several together as a toy, weaving the string in and out through the center holes. Alternate green and gold for visually pleasing results.
  • Make a boomerang ( http://www.chez.com/amiel/boom/cd.html ).
  • Buy a cheap clock mechanism from a hobby/electronics store, and turn it into a novelty clock.
  • Hang them in fruit trees to scare birds away.
  • Use them as backing for round knobs on cabinet doors, to keep the wood clean.
  • Practice applying CD labels. Test brands of labels you haven’t tried before. Leave them in the sun and see if they peel.
  • Use them as reflectors in a solar collector.

Thank you Andy for your kind permission to re-publish this list.

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  • ScanMeister March 2, 2015 at 4:57 pm

    Use a CD as a signaling device to attract Search and Rescue. Cheap signal mirror too!

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