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ways to save gas

The price at the pumps seem to be attached to a big helium balloon that’s taken flight and the sky is the limit!  There’s no question that fuel prices are moving up at an unprecedented rate.  As fuel becomes more expensive, its value to thieves becomes greater.

Twenty gallons of gas that you didn’t have to pay for can seem very enticing to those who don’t believe in respecting the property of others.  Using crime preventive common sense can help you keep your gas in your tank!

-Consider a locking gas cap.  This will significantly reduce the chances of someone siphoning the fuel from your tank.

-Park in well-lit, visible areas where a thief would be hard pressed to “secretly” siphon your gas.

-Keep an eye on your gas gauge.  Some thieves try a less obvious approach by only removing small quantities, but on a regular basis.

Every type of effective theft prevention begins with awareness and making it less enticing for the criminals.  Think one step ahead of them and you will be able to better protect your car, home and property.

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  • Eric Werny April 27, 2011 at 6:59 am

    Back in the 70’s when we had to so-called gas crisis, we were limited to buying fuel on odd and even days related to our license plate. The lines were long and frustrating. One day while in line a women decided to break into the line ahead of other, and then needed help putting fuel into her car. The guy behind her being frustrated by her actions decided he would be a gentlemen and help her. He filled her tank, but at the last moment in a gesture of kindness install HIS locking gas cap on her car. Ah such sweet justice in a me ME FIRST world.

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