FLYing Saves You Money

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Everyone is feeling the pinch of the rising fuel prices. Did you know that when you are FLYing you are saving money? I want to discuss some of these money saving habits we can help you establish.

Decluttering 15 minutes a day. How can this save you money; I know you are thinking this? The act of decluttering makes you more particular about what you buy and bring into your home. This amazing thing happens because you begin to love yourself and the way your home looks. You have to really need something to buy it. Shopping becomes something you do because you don’t need a diversion from being at home feeling guilty about your clutter and all the stuff you buy because it is on sale. If you did not spend $20 a week on more clutter then you would have saved $1,040 a year.

Picking out your clothes as part of your before bed routine. This simple action will give you more time in the morning so you can fix your breakfast and a cup of coffee before you head off to work. No more stopping for expensive drive thru breakfasts and designer coffees. You have the pleasure of a peaceful morning with your life under control along with your finances. If you spend $5 a day on a drive thru breakfast and a coffee then you could have saved $1,300 in a year.

Planning your menus for next week and preparing a grocery list before you go shopping can help, too. This keeps you from going to the grocery store multiple times each week. This alone can save you $50 a week. There is hardly anyway to keep from spending less than that each time you go to the store. If you are cooking, then you are saving more money by not getting takeout from restaurants. That alone could save you another $25 a week. This amounts to $3,900 for a year.

Wearing good shoes for your feet help in lots of ways. Good shoes gives you more energy and keeps you from breaking toes and cutting your precious feet. More energy helps you to exercise more and take better care of yourself; this saves on doctor bills. One co-pay for an office visit could save you $20 a month. A broken foot could set you back $1,500 for an emergency room visit. Shoes save you more than you would ever think about. $1,740 is amazing when a good pair of shoes could runs around $50. What an investment. This doesn’t even count the money you save because of the energy you have to keep your home in order.

Next let’s look at how much you save by paying your bills on time and not running up your credit cards. One late charge a month or an over draft fee is could run into $100 dollars a month. If there is one there are usually many. You are having to rob Peter to pay Paul. Stay on top of your bills and paying things on time is a major way to save money while FLYing! $1,200 is a small amount to save when we examine what we really spend in those fees and interest rates. I haven’t even figured the cost of the fuel for all those extra trips to the grocery store, to pay a bill before the power gets turned off, doctor visits and fast food trips.

So you see with these five simple habits you can save lots of money. $9,180 is no chump change to me. That is more money than I made some years in my career as a furniture store bookkeeper. That is $176 a week. WOW! Now that will buy you a tank a gas with some money for savings and something simple for you as a celebration!

FLYing makes good financial sense especially when the cost of gas is robbing us. We have been stealing from ourselves for a very long time with our SHEness.

Are you ready to FLY and save money, too?

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