‘Harry Potter 7’ better than the rest of the series

These last two weeks I’ve been catching up on all the “Harry Potter” movies so that I would be prepared for part one of the seventh movie. Because I had read the books, I was worried that I would be disappointed with this movie as I have been in the past with other “Harry Potter” movies. However, this film seemed pretty on track with the book – feel free to disagree with me as I read it a few years ago when the book first came out.

The only real problem with the movie, however, is that apparently if you have not read the books, it doesn’t fully make sense. The friend I attended the movie with pointed this out to me afterwards and I spent a great deal of time explaining the movie to him later on.

I liked the way “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows” began. I could feel the fear and hopelessness that they were facing, the terror at wondering if someone you love is going to show up in tomorrow’s paper as having disappeared or being killed.

I also liked that we got to see Hermione Granger’s house and her parents, but that scene really pulls at your emotions; at least mine anyway. I think it set up the rest of the movie for viewers to understand that these young teens have to make some very grownup and difficult decisions.

I could go into the movie in detail and spoil it for you, but there are better movie reviewers out there for that. What I want to touch on is the age-appropriateness for this movie. As a parent, I have yet to let my young children, well under the age of 13, to watch the sixth movie and I will not be allowing them to watch this movie either.

There was a lot of talk about some nude scenes that were going to be in the movie. I for one was angry at the idea of them “cheapening” this movie by adding nudity. However, there are no nude scenes, although Harry does strip down to his boxers once or twice. There is a steamy scene between Harry and Hermione where they are obviously nude and her chest is quite enhanced, and barely covered by her arm. This scene, however, is just awkward more than anything.

The movie is still not appropriate for young children, however, in my opinion. They movie trailer starts with a quote saying “These are dark times.” That is shown very quickly in the first few scenes with people being tortured and killed. Keep in mind that this movie is about a war and there are some scary scenes.

For those who have read the books, you’ll remember that there is a lot of wandering and the movie slows down for a bit. However, stick it out till the end, it’s quite worth it.

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