‘I blame Karl Rove’

I am happy with the House results.  Yet, I am going to be firmly accusatory regarding the Senate Republican effort.

To my way of thinking there is a singular event that shoved the Republican Senate car over the cliff.

That event was the primary victory of Christine O'Donnell.  This morning she used a phrase that is right on the money.  That description is "Republican Cannibalism."

I personally hold Karl Rove to blame, followed closely by Senator John Cornyn.  Rove is an establishment Progressive Republican of the first order.  Probably the secret king of the coop. (btw-I'm not really interested in hearing opinions about how much he has helped the party and conservatives).  Cornyn is a little better.  He stands correctly on the issues, but like, Rove, he is an opportunist looking out for No. 1.

Following O'Donnell's message of values victory in Delaware, Rove started slinging mud in her direction because he realized she was a woman that couldn't be bought and sold on a D.C. street corner.  So he spent considerable time trash talking her.  Until Cornyn got his butt handed to him on a silver platter, he was also measuring the size of his own post Senatorial career paychecks.

You didn't see this type of outrage at a very similar situation by these folks over the Bob "Watergate" Bennett defeat in the convention.  The outcome=significant Republican November victory.

But here is the main point.

It was Rove who almost exclusively undermined an untested Republican.  When challenged, he became entrenched, making it a media story.  Coming out of a surprise primary victory, everyone would obviously questioning O’Donnell’s candidacy.  That's news, kids. It's the "Man Bites Dog" story.  Rove turned an opportunity to help create an up-and-coming political star into much less. 

The bottom feeder Rove chose for his personal aggrandizement to put blood in the water.  And oh how the sharks had a feeding frenzy.  It was only by coercion that Cornyn decided to fish rather than cut bait.  Sadly his effort was akin to fly fishing for deep water bass.

The end result was that yet another "Traditional Values Candidate" was beaten by her own political party.  Because of that "Republican Cannibalism" the momentum of several other races was slowed.
It gave Reid and others the chance to further paint traditional values candidates as kooks. The Republican cannibalism resulted in the Senate leadership failure to get behind Republican nominees.  The cannibalism by a self-professed REPUBLICAN strategist, wrapped up is his own glory (Karl Rove if anyone is in doubt about who I mean) led to lost momentum by MIller, Fiorina (albeit her real defeat was the unfortunate infection), Buck, Angle and Rossi.

Rove setup difficulties for a list of candidates when he misused his role as the Republican "Architect."  His poor choices contributed to a decay of no less than 15 percent- point in Delaware.  Had Delaware been advocated by Rove ,rather than diminished, today we would be looking at a three-seat solid Senate majority, and a Republican Governor in California.

Well, it is what it is.  Now, we have two more years of "do nothing" government because of the loss of the Senate, all thanks to Republican Cannibalism.

It is time to throw out the shrunken heads, along with their briny soup.

That The Way I See It.

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